Panasonic Water Pump A-130JACK (125W) Auto Pump

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  • 1 year warranty by Panasonic Malaysia
  • 125 W
  • Automatic Switch
  • Double stator protection
  • Thermal Protector
  • Nitrogen Gas
  • Brass-made casing


Product Description

Principle of water pump

The principal is same as a person drinks or sucks water where the pressure in the throat is lower than in the glass, so the water could flow from high pressure region to lower. In nature, normal pressure is 1 atmosphere or around 10 mH2o. For smooth water flow resistances should be minimized in pipe installation to reduce friction loss.

Compact and Energy Efficient
- Brass-made casing
- Nitrogen Gas
- Rubber Bladder

Reliable and Safe
- Thermal Protector
- Double stator protection

- Stainless aluminium
Automatic Switch

Why choose SJK for Panasonic Water Pump A-130JACK ?

1. 1 year warranty by Panasonic Malaysia (Original Warranty).
2. All Panasonic product sold by SJK are 100% genuine from Panasonic Malaysia, strictly not privately imported from unknown sources.
3. Express delivery, dispatch within the same or the next working day.
4. 100% brand new products, strictly not display unit.
5. SJK - Panasonic Assist
Assist on getting available installer nearby your area (upon request).


125 Watt

- Power consumption of motor 125 W.

30 L Capacity
30 Liter / minutes, maximum capacity.

Brass-made casing
- Brass-made casing cover and impeller are resistance to friction and high temperature that allow smoother water stream.

Nitrogen Gas
- Nitrogen Gas is adopted in accumulator for stable and optimum performance.

Rubber Bladder
- Made of Butyl that is stainless and anti-leakage.It functions as water separator with the Nitrogen compression room.

Thermal Protector
- Equipped with Thermal Protector (130°C) enhances security against burning by turning off the pump directly.

Double stator protection
- Being resistant to abrasion reduce the danger of short circuit.

Suction Head
- The Vertical distance from water level to the center line of the pump.

Specifications of Panasonic Water Pump A-130JACK

Technical specifications
- Motor Power: 125 W
- Maximum Capacity: 30.0 L / minute
- Capacity at 12 m: 18.0 L / minute
- Maximum Total Head: 27.0 m
- Switch On Pressure: 1.1 kgf / cm 2
- Switch Off Pressure: 1.8 kgf / cm 2
- Suction Pipe: 1 inch (2.50 cm)
- Push Pipe: 1 inch (2.50 cm)

General specifications
- Water Pump: Automatic