Beko Air Conditioner BMFOA180 (2.0 HP) Non-Inverter Air Cond

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  • 2 years warranty by Beko Malaysia
  • 5 years warranty on Compressor
  • BTU Rating: 18000 BTU
  • Inverter: No
  • Gas : R32
  • Mounting Type : Wall


Product Description

Beko provides customers with a truly comfortable air experience. Discover the next level of air comfort with Beko. 

Air Care
•18000 BTU
•Automatic Temperature Control
•Automatic Air Direction (Up-Down)
•Energy Saving Mode
•24-Hour Timer Function

Why choose SJK for Beko Air Conditioner BMFOA180 ?

1. Original Warranty by Beko Malaysia.
    • 1 year general warranty.
    • 5 years warranty on compressor only.
2. All Beko product sold by SJK are 100% genuine from Beko Malaysia, strictly not privately imported from unknown sources.
3. SJK ensures safe delivery by protecting all goods purchased with bubble wrap and stretch film.
4. Express delivery, dispatch within the same or the next working day.
5.100% brand new products, strictly not display unit.


18000 BTU
18000 BTU rated airflow. Higher airflow provides faster cooling as well as better air circulation.

Automatic Temperature Control
Air conditioner will continuously measure the room temperature during operation to ensure maintaining the desired temperature value.

Automatic Air Direction (Up-Down)
It distributes the air evenly in up and down directions. If desired, the air blowing angle may be directed to left or right manually.

Energy Saving Mode
In the energy saving mode, the temperature and fan speed mode required for a healthy environment is automatically set by the air conditioner and energy is saved. In this function, the air conditioner will automatically start operating in heating mode if the room is cold, and in the cooling mode if the room is hot.

24-Hour Timer Function
Air conditioner can be programmed to turn on and off at various times within 24 hours. Being different from the conventional air conditioners, it is programmed 2 times: one for turning on and one for turning off. Thus, it can be programmed to turn off when not needed to save energy or it can be programmed to turn on before arriving at home to enjoy the comfort of a pleasant environment.

Specifications of Beko Air Conditioner BMFOA180

Technical Specifications
•Gas: R32
•Cooling Capacity: 18000 Btu/h
•Cooling Capacity: 5275.0 W

General Specifications
•Special Filters: High Density Filter * 2
•Remote Control: LCD
•Display: Numerical display (88)
•Energy Saving Mode (Fuzzy): Yes
•Timer Function: 24 Hour
•Fan Speed Steps: 5
•HotStart: Yes
•Automatic Temperature Control: Yes
•Automatic Air Direction (Up-Down): Yes
•Automatic Air Direction (Left-Right): No

•Display Color: White
•Inlet Grille Color: White
•Inlay Color: White

•1 x Remote Control